Mission Statement :

The goal of MESOG is to provide the best possible support to medical students in all things related to academia with integrity and accountability using both proven and innovative methods. We aim to collaborate with students from all over the world in an attempt to learn the best of all worlds and aid in formulating events, plans and policies that propels every aspiring student to the greatest heights.

Aims :

With the constant changes that takes place around us, the medical fraternity is often at a loss as to the right step forward in a given situation. The problem is more acute in the case of medical students who are putting their feel into the vast ocean that is Medicine. With changing legislations, policies and guidelines the face of medical education in our country is undergoing an unprecedented reformation. We need to adapt to tide over these changes and end up harnessing them to realise our full potentials. We face multiple problems today which include a disproportionate number of seats at Undergraduate and Postgraduate levels, changing patterns of exams, a need of reform in the manner of assessment of students during their undergraduation among several others. Hence, the Medical Education Society of GAIMS (MESOG) will strive to understand the needs of the student community and meet them, not only to satisfy the short term needs but also to develop Medical Professionals of the highest standards who are looked upon as a force to be reckoned with in the global platforms.

Vision :

  • Free and easy access to medical information
  • Enhanced dissemination of updates and guidelines
  • Effective collaboration between all levels of healthcare sectors
  • Efficient utilisation of the available medical knowledge among students
  • Improving availability of resources to students to ensure maximal output in the face of rapid changes in the medical field

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