Mission :

To develop the leadership and collective power of Indian Medical Students worldwide to Achieve peace, health, human rights, and dignity for all people as we connect, inspire, Mobilize and act for transformational change for a sustainable world.

Aims :

  • PRESOG functions as that Committee of Global Association of Indian Medical Students Which will Stand for Equality, Dignity, Empowerment And Non-discrimination.
  • Our strategy is to build a momentum, ‘bear witness’ and Expose Threats for social, Economic and environmental justice, driven by Medical Students in a non-violent, creative And peaceful manner.
  • PRESOG will enable Medicos to contribute the best of Intellect and Compassion that ‘we’ Have, and what ‘we’ are, toward creating a sustainable world that supports everyone.
  • PRESOG understands that Peace comes from securing the space for ‘the other’ to Contribute the best that ‘they’ have and all that ‘they’ are. Hence, PRESOG, will enable GAIMS to offer solidarity, support and empathy of us Medicos towards the defenders and upholders of peace and rights.
  • To make the best of our capacity to incubate and support ambitious strategies and initiatives Of NGOs, social movements, charities and philanthropic foundations working in Domains Resonating with PRESOG.
  • To seek solutions for, and promote open, informed debate about the effects of society’s Environmental choices on human health, biodiversity and nature at large.
  • This Society of GAIMS aims to nurture future medical practitioner to be Environmentalists At heart and Medical Fraternity as the flag bearers of movement against the climate Injustice.

Vision :

  • As the Name suggests, We envision Peace.
  • PRESOG believe if we desire peace we will have to nurture and cultivate Justice, because Peace and Harmony manifests only after the deliverance of Rights, Freedom and true Assurance of Justice.
  • The Ultimate goal of PRESOG will be to provide ‘opportunity with sustained intention’ to Medical Students who also happen to be brilliant content creators and artists to shape Public Opinion by disseminating information by Creative Outreach.
  • As only AN AWARE CROWD will come together to fight for SOCIAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE.

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