“Shying away from educating yourself about the most natural thing about
human body is going to bring you a lot of challenges.”

Vision :

A safe place for everyone to discuss, talk about and exercise their Sexual and Reproductive Rights irrespective of the stigma and discrimination. The strategy is to develop national developmental goals and reproductive health targets, to ultimately achieve the highest standard of reproductive and sexual health to all.

Goal/Mission :

To acquaint medical students and provide them with the necessary information and tools (designed in a culturally sensitive manner) required for busting myths, creating awareness, providing trainings on the pillars of SRESOG, exchange of ideas, working in SWGs to make a difference at local, national and international levels.

Pillars :

  • Comprehensive Sex Education & Adolescent Health
  • Female and Maternal Health & Hygiene
  • Promotion of SOGIESC & LGBTQIA+ Rights
  • HIV-AIDS and other STIs
  • Gender Based Violence
  • Safe practice of Abortion Rights.
  • Bioethics related.
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